Your English assessment roadmap

Everything you need to build your confidence when speaking English.

Improve student outcomes with the British Council’s English assessment for schools 


Increasingly, parents prefer schools that adequately prepare their children to speak English with confidence. This is because, now more than ever, English proficiency is key to unlocking global academic and professional opportunities. 


To help your students access these opportunities, your school needs a versatile English language assessment that tests student language ability in the right way, and at the right time. 


The British Council has developed an innovative new approach to English assessment, tailored to support students' educational journeys from start to finish. Our tests integrate into your school’s existing curriculum, with minimal preparation required. Our tests are also fully aligned with the CEFR, a trusted international standard for measuring language ability.  

Our tests equip school leaders to:

  • Improve educational outcomes — by providing assessments that target key learning stages, giving teachers the knowledge they need to improve student results.
  • Boost school reputation — by partnering with a global organisation that has maintained a reputation for excellence in education for 90 years. 
  • Meet parent expectations — satisfy parent demands for high-quality, globally recognised English education. 
  • Support teachers — orientation and preparation support are available for teachers, both pre-test and on the test day. 


Want to learn more about our English assessment for schools? Fill in the form to get in touch with our experts. We can discuss how we can customise our approach to meet your school’s unique needs.    

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